Praise for Shepherd of My Soul


What are people saying about this book?

If you want to know why the disciples of Jesus were not defeated by PTSD after seeing Jesus being arrested, humiliated, tortured, and killed, then this book can be said to be authoritative. The author is a teenage survivor of the killing field during the Khmer Rouge regime. Since his family was killed, he has suffered from PTSD for decades. But now he has been completely healed by the Lord. He will teach you how to get rid of the negative impacts of PTSD of your life through meditation on Psalm 23.

Dr Brend Ray-Sea Hsu, M.D., Ph.D. Taiwan. 

A moving and profoundly insightful meditation on Psalm 23 by one who journeyed through the terrible valley of the shadow of death in the Killing Fields where he witnessed and barely escaped the cruel slaughter of his father, mother and siblings, emerging as a broken and deeply wounded orphan. Anyone who has read this story in the author's Tears of My Soul (Monarch 2003) and After the Heavy Rain (2007 Monarch) will be stirred and spiritually nourished in reading this book. I highly recommend it.

Jonathan Bonk., Ph.D. 

Research Professor of Mission 

Center for Global Christianity & Mission

Boston University School of Theology.  USA.

I had heard and read of Reaksa’s story while president of Tyndale University. But it was only as Lily and I walked through Kokpreach village in Cambodia did we feel what coursed through his memory, with all its horror and loss. We saw the place where the young boy had untangled himself from the dead limbs of his family and friends and hid in the jungle.

Now, by this, his most recent book, I’m taken into the resolve of Reaksa’s disrupted emotions, and with his understanding of the biblical Good Shepherd, I accompany the healing of his own heart and soul. In this reading, you will treasure insights that will lift you from our own shallowness, into deeper regions of a life where accompanying grace both nurtured and liberated.

Dr Brian C Stiller,

Global Ambassador, the World Evangelical Alliance.

King David knew everything about being a shepherd. He had looked after sheep since he was a boy. Only a shepherd knows what it means to be a shepherd. It’s not an easy task. But in his best-loved psalm, David became a sheep under the care of God the Shepherd. 

So also Pastor Reaksa. In this book, he becomes a sheep, looking to the Shepherd. He follows the Shepherd through green pastures and dark valleys—especially dark valleys! Those of us who have read his earlier books (Tears of my Soul, and After the Heavy Rain) will know how dark those times were. Yet God led him through death, the pain of loss and the struggle to forgive. 

As he shares with us his reflections on Psalm 23, may we also become acquainted with Jesus the Good Shepherd who not only leads us, provides for us, protects us, but most of all, gives His life for us. 

Rev Dr David Wong

Leadership Mentor, 

Finishing Well Ministries, Singapore

PTSD has become a household known terminology in recent years. Sokreaksa Himm shared his experience of PTSD and his recovery through the six meditative steps according to Psalm 23rd is witnessing the power of spirit-led faith imaging that form a new spirit as a follower of Christ. Highly recommended for people who pursue deeper healing and spirituality.

Rev. Dr. Michael T Lau,

Retired Senior Pastor from LBC York Region, Ontario

Reaksa Himm’s “Shepherd of My Soul” is not a book of easy answers… but there is gold to be mined in his application of scripture to the profound process of forgiveness and healing after extreme trauma. Reaksa, using Psalm 23, guides us through his struggle to be whole. He takes us into the gloomy rooms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder all the while clutching the flame of scripture which provides the only meaningful light of recovery in unfathomable darkness. He offers us a window into his calming meditative practices which reveal both his strengths and weaknesses, his victories and failures, on the long journey to healing. Shepherd of My Soul is not to be rushed but rather carefully absorbed as a guide book pointing to freedom for those traumatized. I hope it is a guide and blessing to many.

K.Brian McConaghy MSM, BA,

Founding Director Ratanak International. BC, Canada

The journey back from major trauma is agonising, and in some instances near impossible. How do you recover from the execution of your family by the Khmer Rouge in your teens? Shepherd of my Soul, an exploration of managing PTSD, is not birthed from theory or second hand experience, but from Sokreaksa S. Himm’s own life and pain – an account which he generously shares with us in the hope that we too will discover a Shepherd of our soul when we face our deepest sorrows and trauma. It invites us to face our pains in the light of Psalm 23, and in doing so, is a gift to us all.

 Dr Brian Harris,

Former Principal, Vose Seminary, Perth Australia; Director AVENIR Leadership Institute.

To train the mind to be able to think like Christ, to re-imagine our lives to conform to the image that Jesus has of us, this is key to victory in the Christian life. In this wonderful reflection on the Shepherd Psalm, Reaksa teaches us all how we can do this, through meditation on the Word of God. No matter how deep the pain we experience in life, Reaksa’s story and the training of the Holy Spirit tells us that we can all overcome. Thank you for pressing in to the Lord brother, so we can all learn this essential skill.

Pastor Jeremy Denmead,

Team Leader Welcome Bay Bay Baptist Church, New Zealand

In this extraordinarily honest volume, Reaksa Himm gives an extended meditation of how he came to see, to know, and to experience Christ as “the Shepherd of my soul.”  Growing into understanding this reality in many dimensions contributed to his healing from the traumatic stress he chronically suffered following the violent loss of his family.  Reflection questions after each chapter make this a valuable resource for individuals and for groups who seek to integrate understanding and addressing trauma with Scriptural reflection.  It is a book to read in tandem with reflection and prayer.

 Dr Laura S. Meitzner Yoder,

John Stott Chair and Director

Program in Human Needs and Global Resources, Professor of Environmental Studies Wheaton College

Wheaton, Illinois, USA

This is a fascinating, disturbing and hope filled book. From the unthinkable horrors of the Cambodian killing fields to healing and freedom, the author describes how Jesus has walked him through the journey of recovery from PTSD. This is the story of how God’s love rescued and resuscitated an orphan of genocide. It will give anyone who has felt broken by trauma hope they can recover too. 
Grant Mullen M.D.,

Author of Emotionally Free

From a good tree comes forth good fruit and ‘Shepherd of my Soul’ is ripe mature spiritual fruit. From a man picked out by God for a very special journey, both of sorrow & joy which has uniquely place him in a position to experience much of what the world is now experiencing. For those who have ears to hear this book will bring the healing touch of the Holy Spirit. It is a very timely gift of a loving God to His hurting world. In the English Book of Common Prayer (1662) there is a prayer entitled – ‘For all conditions of men’ which reads – Finally we commend to thy fatherly goodness all those, who are any ways afflicted or distressed in mind, body, or estate; that it may please thee to comfort and relieve them, according to their several necessities, giving them patience under their sufferings and a happy issue out of all their afflictions. And this we beg for Jesus Christ his sake. Amen. ‘Shepherd of my Soul’ is an answer to that prayer. This is Reaksa ’s happy issue out of his affliction and also an offering of relief & comfort to the many who are in the midst of it or who will encounter it in the future. May God richly bless the work and its earthly author.

Rob Medway,

 Retired Headmaster – The Vine School – Hampshire – UK

This book speaks volume of Reaksa’s faith journey. Even at the depth of his suffering he holds tightly to his Shepherd, he even refuses to become bitter with his family’s killers; most of all he does not cut himself from his intimate loving relationship with his Shepherd. His great Shepherd had guided him through the dark valley of depressions (PTSD) through Psalm 23, where forgiveness had finally helped him to release all the unresolved grievances and bitterness.

Pastor James Lee,

Local Preacher of Faith Methodist Church, and founding director of Breakthrough Network Centre Bhd. 

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Rivetted and mesmerized by the vivid descriptions of the tragedy the author had survived, my eyes were filled with tears and my heart was heavy as I read it through. And yet, it was such a blessed assurance that the Lord pulled the author together and continues to do so by restoring his mind and soul and welding his mind onto Himself and under His perfect peace. In his verse-by-verse reflection of Psalm 23, the author helps us see the grace and power of God in his own life and the lives of others. I am very grateful to this intimate sharing of the author’s survival story of PTSD just as the Shephard leads his sheep. I highly recommend this book for devotion for an individual and a group of believers and non-believers, young or old, especially in times like the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. Thank you, Reaksa.

Toshi Sasao, Ph.D.

Professor, Graduate Program in Psychology and Education

Director, Peace Research Institute

International Christian University

Tokyo, Japan

Fellow, American Psychological Association (Div. 27, 45 and 52)

Reaksa battled PTSD due to the horrors that befell him and his family, most of whom were brutally murdered by the black uniform Khmer Rouge. This traumatic experience prevented him from living a normal life; until he met the Shepherd of his soul, as written by King David in Psalm 23.  Through meditation, reflection, and the grace of the Shepherd, Reaksa found peace through the guidance and comfort of the Shepherd. This led to him being able to forgive his enemies with the power and strength bestowed upon him by the Shepherd.

In this book, Reaksa explains and guides you through the power of the Shepherd, and seeks to help those experiencing PTSD.  Today, Reaksa walks free from PTSD because the Shepherd of his soul has healed and released him from this bondage.

Henry S Wong, (Retired Rev)

Tauranga Chinese Methodist Church,  New Zealand