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Shepherd of My Soul

A review of my manuscript from a Christian medical doctor in Taiwan.

The author and the leading role of this book entitled “Shepherd of my soul” is a teenage survivor of the killing field during the Khmer Rouge regime. He suffered from symptoms and signs of PTSD for decades and it had been gradually healed by a stepwise protocol based on Scriptures meditation, mainly Psalms 23. At 42 years after his family was killed, he revisited the grave where the bodies of his parents and siblings were dumped into. By starting with the grave revisit at, the beginning of the book, he recalls the entire misery in details and thru the dialogues between him and his friends, he describes the symptoms and signs of PTSD he suffered for decades, and then he shares the bad influences of PTSD on his life and the good influences of daily meditating Psalms 23 on his symptoms and signs of PTSD. Finally, he proposes a stepwise protocol on meditating Psalms 23 to help people who suffer from the same problems. In each one of the six meditation steps, he gives the reason why he meditates, how he does meditation, and he gives witnesses to explain cited Scriptures and he supplies a questionnaire of readers’ review and reflection in the end of each chapter. The specific aim of this book is to help those who have suffered from PTSD. This book is innovative, original, and well-structured.

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