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Review of my book,"Shepherd of My Soul" by Paul Willoughby.

In his book, "Shepherd of My Soul" -- Healing PTSD From Psalm 23, it is evident that Sokreaksa Himm understands pain...physical, emotional, and psychological at a very deep level. As he walks us through the source of his pain, the murder of his family before his very eyes, Reaksa allows us to enter into his sufferings, though from a distance. Repeatedly Reaksa takes us to the reality of Jesus as the Shepherd of his soul from Psalm 23, to whom he was able to pour out his own hurt, anger, and rage...and yet it was there through the process of time that Reaksa found healing from this Shepherd of his soul. I highly recommend, "Shepherd of My Soul" by Sokreaksa Himm for anyone dealing with any form of trauma in their life. A must read.

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