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From Pastor Shawn

I finally was able to read my friend Reaksa Himm book - Shepherd Of My Soul. Reaksa grew up in Cambodia and survived the Khmer Rouge. His family was killed one by one all around him and dropped into a mass grave. Covered by the bodies of his family members, Reaksa survived. He escaped the pit and began the long journey of healing.

If you struggle with trauma, PTSD and the impact of unbearable circumstances in your life, I can't think of anyone better to speak into your life. Listen and learn as Reaksa explains his journey from anguish to peace, revenge to forgiveness and hopelessness to hope as he shares how the transforming work of the Shepherd changed and is changing his life.

King David referred to God as a shepherd and Jesus referred to himself as the Good Shepherd. Raeksa practically shows us how to invite God to be the Shepherd of our soul and how the Shepherd longs to patiently guide, gently lead and mend the wounds in our lives that keep us from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promises to give those who submit their lives to Him.

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