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A review of the Shepherd of My Soul

reviewed by Liz Fetherstonhaugh.

My first encounter with Reaksa was in November 2011 when I attended the opening of Khmer Christian Centre in Pouk, a village near Siem Reap. My first impression of him was that he was a man who loved life, smiled a lot, was very confident, well respected and someone who had it all together. It was only after hearing his story, that I realized the healing that Jesus had done in this man’s soul.

In the 1970s in Northern Ireland, I grew up in a place where bomb scares, bombs, disappearances, shootings, and killings were commonplace but I was completely unaware. As a teenager of what was happening in the wider world. Talking to Reaksa and reading this wonderful book, has made me realize that most of the older generation in Northern Ireland have suffered or are suffering from PTSD. I, myself had a friend murdered, have hurried out of a building where an explosive device had been left ready to explode and because these events did not have any physical impact on me, it never occurred to me that I may have an emotional impact to deal with. PTSD distorts your thinking and then your actions and can lead that person down a path of self-destruction.

Reaksa’s story is something that no one would want to go through, losing your family in such a horrendous way is difficult for us to comprehend especially when you spend time with this wonderful man of God, full of forgiveness and love for others. I feel very privileged to know him and call him my friend.

This well-written book is an honest account of how Psalm 23 has taken the brokenness and hidden trauma in Reaksa’s life and helped him not only in his own journey with PTSD, but also to enable him to reach out to others.

I feel that anyone who lived through trauma no matter where in the World it happened should read this book, in fact, everyone should read it, as we all go through some form of deep trauma at some time in our lives. It is good to know and remind ourselves that Jesus, the “Saviour of our Soul” will always be the answer.

Please note: The publisher told me that the book will be ready by mid of September.

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